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The White Wall 2

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    The White Wall 2

    Families in Granada used to paint their house walls with a fresh coat of white paint every summer.

    Nowadays, you see that more in Other Southern European countries like Greece or Italy more than Andalucia, south of Spain. This painting got the influence from reading long time ago, the Granada Trilogy by Radwa Ashour, an Arabic novelist, but I think my memory works in a funny way. That influence appeared after several years in a form of paintings.

    This is part 2 of a diptych and will join the Andalusia collection.

    – Not Available –

    Artist: Noura Safar Lemnaru

    Medium: Mixed media, modeling paste, and acrylic on canvas board.

    Photoshop was used to get the desired color scheme.

    Size: 12×16 in.

    Category: Abstract

    Year: 2020