As many of you know, I had a previous Instagram and Facebook accounts that got hacked into. I just recently started a new Instagram account. I lost all of my blogs since 2009 on Facebook where I’ve documented my interest in art at the beginnings and lost all the poems I wrote over the years. I knew that this can happen but never thought it would. It’s one of those things that we hear about but never get to experience.

Capturing the Sea, mixed media on paper – 2022

The lesson was hard but here is what I learned (or what my husband nudged me to realise!), build your OWN website. Stop feeding someone else’s algorithm, feed and traffic. I am lucky enough to have a platform that I can build. I don’t have a perfect platform with fancy fonts and photos but I have “A website”. All the details can be adjusted, improved, and enhanced with experience.

This is a journey I am willing to take. A path of art that includes painting, writing, and expressing my vision for N36 Art.

Please join me!